Enea Colombo

ICONA Design Group

Enea Colombo is the General Manager of ICONA Design Group. Today he focuses on Innovation for New Mobility, Smart Cities, and Carbon Emission Reduction, improving people’s lives through design and technology.

As a seasoned professional with about 26 years of experience, Enea is known for driving company growth, maximizing operational excellence, bringing innovation, and delivering financial performance.

Before he served as General Manager in 2 automotive and industrial Multinational companies, he was instrumental in the dramatic growth of the companies globally.

Enea hold a bachelor’s degree in chemistry-Physics and a double degree EMBA (Business Administration) from Jiaotong University Shanghai and Kedge Business School from Marseille.

He got his Master’s in Innovation from Stanford University and a Master’s in Smart City Management from MIT (Massachusetts).

Enea has been nominated Senator from the European Senate of Economy and technology in 2023.

He is a Board Member of the China-European Carbon Neutral Technology Chamber and President of the Lamborghini China Club.

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