White papers

An EU Senate white paper is an informational and persuasive document developed to explain or highlight a broad and complex issue. It is a well-researched, data driven, and factual paper used to share knowledge and foster exchange and collaboration based on technological aspects of the organization. Ultimately our white paper seeks to define present and upcoming social, technological, and economic challenges and then, using facts and conclusions, advocate for a specific solution to both educate and influence the audience.

Position papers

An EU Senate position paper is an annual publication which provides recommendations to make Europe’s framework progress suitable and feasible to the European technology companies. Our position paper is a guideline or policy document which focuses on the 3 key points towards the EU government to help understanding the problem, build support, and propose feasible solutions.

Visions for europe magazine


Q1/2023 (english)

This 1st edition of 2023 includes some amazing articles and interview: 

  • Will the hybrid events be the future of events? 

  • Inside story of delegation trips of the European Senate of Economy by Benedikt Grütz- Vice President European Senate of Economy

  • CEO toom Baumarkt gives a review of the past year.

  • Learn much more about technology, sustainability and markets growth in this edition


Q1/2023 (Deutsch)

Diese 1. Ausgabe von 2023 enthält einige interessante Artikel und Interviews:

  • Werden hybride Veranstaltungen die Zukunft der Events sein?

  • Einblicke in die Delegationsreisen des European Senate of Economy von Herrn  Benedikt Grütz, Vizepräsident des European Senate of Economy.

  • CEO toom Baumarkt gibt einen Rückblick auf das vergangene Jahr.

  • Erfahren Sie mehr über Technologie, Nachhaltigkeit und Marktwachstum