Stellar Ancestry: Gaia Reveals Milky Way’s Oldest Star Streams

In a groundbreaking revelation, the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Gaia space telescope has cast new light on the ancient origins of the Milky Way, uncovering two previously unknown streams of stars named Shakti and Shiva. These celestial formations, which weaved into the fabric of our galaxy over 12 billion years ago, are among the universe’s […]

Space-Comm Expo 2024:

Space-Comm Expo, the UK’s leading space industry event, returns to Farnborough International on 6-7 March 2024. This pivotal gathering connects decision-makers from across the space supply chain, offering a platform for forging industry-shaping partnerships and gaining insights from global experts. With the space sector expected to grow by 41% in the next five years, highlighted […]

Revolutionizing Astronaut Diets for Mars Missions: The Crucial Role of Microbes

As we gear up for potential long-duration missions to Mars, possibly in the late 2030s or early 2040s, and even the prospect of settling on the Red Planet, it’s clear that feeding astronauts extends far beyond mere nutrition. The mental and cognitive well-being of crew members, propelled by an optimal diet, becomes paramount in the […]