" Technology obliges for the common good "

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What is the European Senate of Economy and Technology?

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The European Senate of Economy and Technology is a thinktank at European and supranational level. 

His Senators are highly regarded and honorable personalities from economy, politics and sciences. 

The aim is to provide support in solving the most important questions of our future – in the interests of the common good. 

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EU Senate

What is the Vision?

The European Senate of Economy and Technology was founded by the Senate of Economy Austria, an honourable council that advises the government on common good interests, and by the European Technology Chamber (EUTEC), an international non-governmental organization committed to bringing together people and organizations that share a vision for building our collective future. The EUTEC is the largest technology chamber in Europe.

Technology obliges—for the common good

The three main goals of the European Senate are


  1. To support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations,
  1. To promote worldwide knowledge of technology and
  1. foster ethics, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and compliance in economics, politics and society.

Therefore, we need not only paying members but high-level personalities who are ready to give back, sharing their success without demanding anything in return.

Achieving Senate`s goals requires more than bringing such personalities together. We must create an environment that maximizes efficiency. The European Senate is therefore in constant dialogue with political and economic decision-makers at the national and international levels. This cooperation produces whitepapers that support these decision-makers in finding solutions to today’s problems. As the European Senate remains neutral, no personal interests must be satisfied. It makes no demands, only reporting content that serves as promotion.

You can find our specific publications here.

The European Senate collaborates very closely with the EU Tech Chamber Sections. EU Tech drives theme-based commissions around core topics such as Finance and Policy Commission, Climate Action as well as the Academy Commission.

The Sections provide the base for dedicated working groups, high level strategic engagement and formulate the main building blocks of European Senate`s and EU Tech Chamber`s deliverables. 

Our virtual European Technology Center is a unique as well as powerful event and matching platform. It can host events of different forms, sizes and capacities simultaneously and takes care of registration, appointment booking and other aspects of participant management.

By our Senators it can be used for both internal and external events in individual design of our member`s companies. Also it provides our partners with the opportunity to create events independently.

Find more infos here.

The Senator appointment is a conscious decision to live the guiding principles “Technology obliges – for the common good”.

Who ar the
EU Senators?

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Senators come from all social groups, sharing only a willingness to seriously promote Senate goals and develop concrete ideas for addressing important future issues. They include board members and CEOs of large international corporations and family businesses, political representatives, members of government agencies or organizations, and scientists. All represent the diversity of the European Senate and have the desire to give back. 

Senators are proposed by honorable people or by representatives of the European Senate of Economy and Technology. 

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Introducing our Presidum


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