Torsten Klawunder

MODI Modular Digits GmbH

Q1. Core competencies: What does MODI actually do?

MODI has been a specialist in identification solutions for more than 20 years, both in industry in the field of incoming goods and traceability and in the field of biometrics and facial recognition in the area of control and entry solutions at airports or other checkpoints in the public sector.

We have been dealing with these topics for many years and are considered experts in the industry on the subject of traceability of production processes in the manufacture of electronics, automation of production processes and incoming goods, quality control as well as storage and further processing of electronic components using optical image processing.

Our products for biometric face recognition are indispensable at airports and MODI is considered a pioneer for the airport of the future.

MODI is also a system developer for the pharmaceutical industry with innovative product solutions for monitoring production processes.

Many years ago, MODI was driven by numerous needs in the area of traceability of goods as well as processes in the area of quality control to simplify these processes through modern image processing and to make them safer. For more than twenty years, we have succeeded in this and the further development of the smart products has always continued – with success.

The vision of a paperless airport was smiled at many years ago and is now already in final implementation worldwide, with numerous MODI innovations.

Q2. Reason: Why are you part of the European Senate?

The Senate offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with other companies on a competent and professional level and to benefit from each other. Always keeping an eye on the future trend. Of course, networking at a high level is not to be underestimated.

Q3. Statement on the future: How do you see the future of your industry? Also, how can you help to implement new technologies around the world?

The future in our industry is developing rapidly and we are part of it.

Our mission: to make technology more efficient, safer and smarter and to drive forward automation and digitalisation in a future-oriented way. However, it is still important for us to keep the human factor in mind.

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