Space-Comm Expo 2024:

Space-Comm Expo, the UK’s leading space industry event, returns to Farnborough International on 6-7 March 2024. This pivotal gathering connects decision-makers from across the space supply chain, offering a platform for forging industry-shaping partnerships and gaining insights from global experts. With the space sector expected to grow by 41% in the next five years, highlighted by UK firms’ launch plans and NASA’s Artemis moon mission, the expo is at the heart of an industry on the brink of making global headlines.

The event will spotlight 2024’s space trends, including sustainable rocket fuels, AI advancements, the rise of small satellites, and new data sharing avenues. Space-Comm Expo showcases innovations from giants like Airbus and BAE Systems, providing a unique forum for businesses to unveil projects and forge new collaborations. Notable participants include government, defence, aerospace experts, and international organizations, making it an unmatched opportunity for networking and insight.

Keynote speakers, such as astronaut-in-training Professor Suzie Imber and leaders from NATO and Space Florida, will address key industry challenges and opportunities. The expo features a comprehensive conference programme across three stages, including a new defence and security focus.

Organized by Hub Exhibitions in partnership with Farnborough International, the expo has seen significant growth, underscoring the UK space sector’s vibrancy and Space-Comm’s global market impact. The event also facilitates networking between start-ups, SMEs, and industry leaders with investors and academics, fostering collaboration for the industry’s future. With a new March date, Space-Comm Expo is set to be a staple in the industry’s calendar.

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