René Haßfeld

René Haßfeld

Toom Baumarkt GmbH

Q1. Core competencies: What does your company do?

With our extensive range of products and services for do-it-yourselfers and DIY enthusiasts, we not only inspire and empower customers throughout Germany, but also set standards for environmentally friendly and socially responsible product ranges in the industry.

Q2. Locations?

We reach customers in over 300 stores across Germany.

Q3. Reason: Why are you part of the European Senate?

To inspire and empower do-it-yourselfers – that’s our mission as a DIY store and that’s what we live by. Behind this is respect for small and large projects and for all do-it-yourselfers themselves.

Q4. Statement on the future: How do you see the future of your industry? Also, how can you help to implement new technologies around the world?

The DIY sector is constantly evolving and becoming more digital. We see a major trend towards greater convenience and online services. We are responding to these developments with innovative solutions and services such as video advice. Our specialists use this to advise customers on products directly from the store. Customers can then easily order the desired product in our online store or in the store.

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