Marcus Paleti

Laureti Group

Q1. Core competencies: What does your company do?

Laureti is a mobility-tech company that is currently developing the industry first ecosystem to make travel productive, connected and accessible. With a strong passenger-centric vision, at Laureti, we produce flexible in-cabin design powered by our core-technology MiRA.OS that can be installed in multiple vehicles. The business is designed to produce vehicles at scale by partnering with auto brands from the start. The innovative startup has been recognized as an industry leader and sits at the forefront of an emerging $1 trillion passenger experience economy.

Q2. Locations?

United Kingdom, India, Italy and USA.

Q3. Reason: Why are you part of the European Senate?

Being able to participate and have a say in how we can assist in creating a more efficient technology forward economy.

Q4. Statement on the future: How do you see the future of your industry? Also, how can you help to implement new technologies around the world?

When you no longer have to drive a car what do you do in it? The last 100 years cars have been about the driver, but the next 100 will be about the passenger.

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