Gerd Kerkhoff

Kerkhoff Group GmbH

Q1. Core competencies: What does your company do?

We are a Purchasing and Supply-Chain consultancy focused on implementing optimisation & development
measures with our clients: Cost Optimisation, Organisation & Processes, Value & Cost Engineering and Systematic
Negotiations (incl. Game Theory & Behavioral Economics) are our core competences.

Q2. Locations?

Headquarters is located Duesseldorf (Germany). Additional office in Vienna (Austria).

Q3. Reason: Why are you part of the European Senate?

For over 24 years, we have been inspiring our clients in the SME sector with individual solutions that we implement together. As the experts in Purchasing, we sustainably increase the results of our clients by optimizations along the value chain. Kerkhoff stands for preparing the employees and processes of our clients for the requirements of tomorrow and accompanying them on this path.

Q4. Reason: What is your relation to the European Senate?

With the understanding of global sourcing regions, relevant markets and new opportunities, we provide clients with solutions to their Purchasing and Supply-Chain challenges and implement them together – industry-specific and product-related.

The Senate offers us the opportunity to discuss industry-relevant topics at an early stage on European executive level, to understand future requirements, to contribute our expertise and to incorporate the insights into our consulting activities

Q5. Statement on the future: How do you see the future of your industry? Also, how can you help to implement new technologies around the world?

Our business model for sustainable and implementation-strong consulting with a focus on Purchasing & SCM remains highly relevant after more than 20 years.

The market environment is becoming increasingly dynamic, existing supply chains with current technologies need to be improved conditionally and structurally, new technologies require new approaches.

Only if we are aware of new technologies and trends can we prepare our clients for the challenging future and thus sustainably secure the profit situation of the companies.

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